Sand Ceremony

Sand ceremonies are a fantastic and popular way of celebrating the union of marriage. Choose colours for you and your significant other, or for yourselves and close family. Celebrate your wedding ceremony to your loved one by performing your wedding sand ceremony at your wedding ceremony. 


Coloured Sand 650g


Heart Shaped Sand Ceremony Set


Small Glass Heart Shaped Vase for Sand Cer...


Coloured Sand 650g - Reds


Premium Unity Sand Ceremony Vases


Pear Shaped Bottle with Cork


Coloured Sand 650g - Oranges


Small Long Neck Bottle with Cork


Large Heart Shaped Vase


Crystal Heart Sand Ceremony Set


Coloured Sand 650g - Pinks


Unity Sand Ceremony Vases


Vintage Cork Top Jar with Blackboard - Small


Vintage Cork Top Jar with Blackboard - Large


Coloured Sand 650g - Natural


Wilde Glass Bottle - Large


Sand Ceremony Shadow Box


Coloured Sand 650g - Purples


Wilde Glass Bottle - Small


Set of 3 Vintage Cork Top Jar with Blackboard


Coloured Sand 650g - Yellows


Old Fashioned Milk Bottle with Cork - Small


Coloured Sand 650g - Greens


Heart Shaped Bottle - 100g


Coloured Sand 650g - Browns


Heart Shaped Bottle - 120g


Coloured Sand 650g - Blues


Heart Shaped Bottle - 340g


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